Recently Awarded Grants


Voucher No. GRANTEE Year issue Cause Shillings (Ugx) Dollars ($) Rupees (INR)
387 Reign of Giants 2016 Being payment made to Reign of Giants for the passes for the night of 2nd December 2016 at MTN Arena, Lugogo 500,000
384 Sunday divya sabha 2016 Being payment made towards Sunday divya sabha expenses at B.A.P.S Temple on 29th Nov 2016 2,011,000
383 Trustees S.S.D.M 2016 Being payment made towards reimburse Hanuman Chalisa expenses at S.S.D.M temple at 26th Oct 2016
382 Omongole Emmanuel 2016 Being payment made to Mr. Omongole Emmanuel for his medical treatment 1,200,000
381 Mutebi Ronald 2016 Being payment made to Nkumba University for the college fees of Mutebi Ronald 2,639,400
380 Life after University Book Charity 2016 Being contribution towards 'PROPOSAL TO AVAIL 6 MILLION BOOKS FREE TO THE YOUTH OF UGANDA' 1,000,000
379 Victoria University Limited- Student Guild 2017 Payment being made towards HSSAVU (Student Guild) towards contribution and support for funding for outreach at wells of hope mnistries 300,000
377 Kawempe Home Care 2016 Being payement made to Kawempe Home Care for raising funds to save lives of children with cancer. 1,250,000
376 Akullo Docus 2016 Being payment made to Akullo Docus for the treatment of her son Andrew Ekwag at Kumi Hospital 1,500,000
374 Franciscan Sisters Kamwokya Nov 2016 2016 Being payment made to Franciscan Sisters Kamwokya for the sponsorship of supplementary food for the sick inmates at Luzira and Kigo Prisons for the month of November 2016 1,000,000